A simple website with 5 pages is so powerful.

5 Pages Sitemap

A simple website with a minimum of 5 pages is enough to bring your business to your consumers online.

Of course, the more pages the more information the better, but these are the most important pages that most of business websites have.
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Page 1: Home

Imagine this page is the entrance of your business in brick and mortar world, your consumers will walk out of your door if they are not seeing what they are looking for. So the time they spend on your website and going to other pages on your website depends on how professional this home page.

Simple website
Page 2: About

After your consumers like what they see at your entrance “home page”, they will try to find out who you are before they even doing business with you.

Page 3: Services

Now, your consumers like what they see at the entrance “home page” and they get to know who you are. They are ready to do serious business with you. This services page will allow you to tell your consumers what kind of services you are providing to your consumers.

Page 4: Products

After learning all the services that you are providing, your consumers will probably want to find out if any products that you are providing as well. This is a great page to show off your products.

Page 5: Contact

This is a very important page, your consumers will start to engage with you for more information or a business transaction. So make this page enough contact information so that your consumers can contact you.

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